Thursday, 9 August 2012

Aceh Batik

So far as we know batik only came from the adhesive areas on the island of Java. But the Aceh region also has a traditional craft this one. Area known as the Mecca of this porch has a different motif and patterns and distinctive.

Aceh has a batik motif that uses elements of nature and culture as something in between. A pretty bold mix of colors namely red, green, yellow and pink batik characterize separately in Aceh. Not only that, the motifs used in batik Aceh also contains the meaning of life philosophy of the people of Aceh.

Another motive is the main characteristic of the people of Aceh is Jeumpa flower motif that has become a symbol and a typical interest rate derived from Aceh. There is also another typical motif like Rencong, Clouds, and the motive gayo. Besides the influence of Islam, which became the majority in Aceh is also reflected in the variety of ornaments such as spiraling, circular and line.

Batik Aceh does have its own uniqueness. Beautiful and glamorous impression directly emanating from this unique batik Aceh. Typical motif makes this batik has its own appeal as well as compared with batik in general.

As one of indecent art and culture of Indonesia, Aceh still most popular batik to a variety of the archipelago and even the world. Aceh is also not just a batik batik with all the beauty that mengirinya. In it there is the meaning of life philosophy and way of life indigenous people of Aceh. | Source: griyawisata

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